title-Death of Yazdgerd, Venue- Yale School of Drama, Credits- Playwriter: Bahram Beyzai, Directed by: Shadi Ghaheri, Projection Designer : Yaara Bar, Scenic design: John Bondi, Costume design: Mika Eubanks, Lighting design: Kwan Chi Chan, Sound designer and music director: Michael Costagliola, Composer: Mohsen Namjoo, Dramaturg: Ariel Sibert, Technical director: Kevin Belcher, Stage manager:John Carlin, Tapestry Art: Iman Raad
title-Because I Could Not Stop, Venue- Yale School of Drama, Credits- Creator: Yaara Bar; Cinematography: Yaara Bar, Rotem Rachel Chen; Music: Eighteen Songs After Joanna Newsom’s Have One On Me, Side B, by Miles Walter; Dancers on camera: Amandla Jahava, Lea Carven and Yaara Bar; Stage choreography: Marjorie Folkman; Dancer on stage: Nicole Rondeau
Title- El Huracan; Venue- Yale Repertory Theater; Credits- Playwriter: Charise Castro Smith; Directed by: Laurie Woolery; Projection Design: Yaara Bar; Scenic design: Gerardo Diaz Sánchez; Costume design: Herin Kaputkin; Lighting design: Nic Vincent; Sound designer: Megumi Katayama; Magic Designer: Christopher Rose; Dramaturg: Amauta M. Firmino; Technical director: Alex Worthington; Stage manager: Christina Fontana; Choreographer: Angharad Davies
title- Cuntinental Ball Drag Show; Venue- Yale Cabaret Theater, Credits- Directed: Jakeem Powell & Arturo Soria; Producer: Riw Rakkulchon; Set Designer: Gerardo Diaz; Projection Designer: Yaara Bar & Elena Tilli; Lighting Designer: Nic Vincent & Kyra Murzyn; Costume Designer: Yunzhu Zeng; Sound Designer: Marisa Arellano; Stage Manager: Cate Worthington; Technical Director: L.T. Gourzong; Performer: David Mitsch

Yaara Bar

Yaara Bar was born in Tel-Aviv to a unique family. Growing up surrounded by artist, she was ‘infected’ by creativity.

Yaara majored in Visual Communication at the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. Her experience gave her a profound understanding of the power of visual communication and its ability to tell a story and emotionally move an audience.​

Since graduating from Bezalel, Yaara has worked as a freelancer for projects ranging from graphic to motion design. In search of impactful mediums that would offer an immersive experience, Yaara chose to embark on a M.F.A in Projections Design at Yale School of Drama.

She has been involved in many productions and collaborations in theater, music, installation and dance.
Yaara is passionate about the arts as a universal language, which serves as a platform for meaningful conversations and experiences, offering an opportunity to develop empathy and change consciousness.

Lear from yaara bar on Vimeo.

title- Lear; Venue- Yale Summer Cabaret, Credits- Written By Young Jean Lee ; Directed: Shadi Ghaheri; Dramaturg: Ariel Sibert; Set Designer: Stephanie Cohen ; Projection Designer: Yaara Bar; Lighting Designer: Krista Smith; Costume; Designer: Sophia Choi; Sound Designer: Tye Hunt Fitzgerald; Stage Manager: Caitlin O’Rourke; Technical Director: L.T. Gourzong; Producer: Yale Summer Cabaret

Affiliation: Yale