A Midsummer Night's Dream (Opera)
Produced by Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Opera by Benjamin Britten
Conductor: Stuart Stratford
Director: Ceri Sherlock
Choreographer : John Utans
Set Designer: Thomas Umfrid
Costume Designer: Mandy Tam
Lighting & Media Designer: Samuel Chan
Death of Yazdgerd
Produced by Yale School of Drama
By Bahram Beyzai
Director: Shadi Ghaheri
Set Designer: John Bondi-Ernoehazy
Costume Designer: Mika H.Eubanks
Lighting Designer: Samuel Chan
Sound Designer & Music Director: Michael Costagliola
Composer: Mohsen Namjoo
Projection Designer: Yaara Bar
Visual Artist & Muralist: Iman Raad
Reborn(Modern Dance)
Produced by Unlock Dancing Plaza
Choreography: Ong Yong Lock
Lighting Design: Samuel Chan
Sound Design: Migu Mianizt Leung
Love is Colder than Capital Deconstructed (Multimedia Theatre)
Produced by Inspire Workshop
Written by René Pollesch
Director, Lighting & Associate Space Designer: Lawmanray
Media Designer & Associate Space Designer: Samuel Chan
Sound Designer: Sham Chung Tat
Twelfth Night
Produced by Yale Repertory Theatre
By William Shakespeare
Director: Carl Cofield
Choreographer: Byron Easley
Scenic Designer: Riw Rakkulchon
Costume Designer: Mika H. Eubanks
Lighting Designer: Samuel Kwan Chi Chan
Composer and Sound Designer: Frederick Kennedy
Projection Designer: Brittany Bland

Samuel Kwan Chi Chan

Samuel is a New York based lighting and media artist that designs for various art forms. From Drama to Physical Theatre, from Dance to Opera, from Installation to Music Performance, he believes as artist that deal with light one has to be versatile and respond to each creation with specificity.

His design ideas come from the core of the work itself rather than solely based on visual researches. He found himself often inspired by great performances by the actors, singers and dancers and try to let lights and media breath with them.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, he is proud to be a graduate of University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and soon the Yale School of Drama.

Affiliation: Yale