Soft by Donja R. Love
Illustrated by Ramaj Jamar
Digital Painting
The Woman/ The Man (An Evening of Two One-Act Plays)
A Funny House of a Negro by Adrienne Kennedy
The Death of The Last black Man in the Whole Entire World
AKA The Negro Book of the Dead by Suzan-Lori Parks
Directed by Jeffrey Page
Scenic Design by Ramaj Jamar
Costume Design by Sabrina Bianca Guillaume
Lighting Design by Eric Norbury
Sound Design by Kimberly S. O’Loughlin
Photography by Rob Strong

Lenfest Center of the Arts Main Stage Theatre (Columbia Stages)
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Directed by Colette Robert
Musical Direction & Sound Design by Avi A. Amon
Set Design by Andrew Moerdyk
Costume, Hair & Makeup Design by Ramaj Jamar
Lighting Design by Bailey L. Rosa
Photography by Ella Bromblin

Atlas Theatre (NYU Tisch)
Zooman and The Sign
Directed by Adrienne D. Williams
Set Design by Devin Peterson
Costume Design by Ramaj Jamar
Light design by Dallas Estes
Photography by Ella Bromblin

Walker Theatre (NYU Tisch)

Ramaj Jamar

Ramaj Jamar is an American theatre artist based in NYC. He is best known for designing costumes for the stage but has also pursued his interest in scenic design for satirical dramas about the Afro-American experience. Ramaj is also an illustrator known for his series Emotional Black Boy and Black Men Illustrated. Ramaj’s recent design work includes Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (NYU), The Death of The Last black Man (Columbia Stages), A Funny House of a Negro (Columbia Stages), The Escape; Or, the Leap for Freedom (Columbia Stages), & Zooman and the Sign (NYU)

Affiliation: NYU