Antigone, Written by Sophokles, Translated by Anne Carson, Directed by Natalia Lassalle, Venue: MOD Calarts. Scenic Design: María Videla, Lighting Design: Peiyu Lai, Costume Designer: Xiyu Lin, Sound Design: Gahyae Ryu, Video Design: Kam Ying Lee.
Villa, Written and Directed by Guillermo Calderón, Venue: The Wild Project, NY. Scenography: María Videla.
Nanas, Written by Leonardo González, Directed by Ana López Montaner, Venue: Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile. Scenic Design: María Videla, Lighting Design: Alvaro Salinas/ María Videla, Costume Design: Melanie Stuardo.
Night Market a collaboration with Heidi Duckler Dance Theater. Created by Scarlett Kim and María Videla. Venue: Central Wholesale Produce Market, Los Angeles, CA, 2016. Music by Dan Gower and Dany Naierman.
Soldier Feelings. Written and Directed by María Videla. Venue: BB2, Calarts. Scenic Design:Tanya Orellana, Lighting Design: RS Buck. Costume Design: Dorothy Zhu.

María Fernanda Videla Urra

María Videla is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice includes theater scenography, directing and art installation. Her work reflects on the reciprocity between the play, the space, and the audience as the essential trinity of theater. Her impulse as a creator, is to design experiences that can’t avoid political reflection, understanding that we live in a social context and we are political in every decision we make.

María studied acting at PUC Theater School in Chile and obtained an MFA in Scenic Design at CalArts. She founded “La Doña” theater company in Chile, where she worked as an actress, director and designer on selections including: “Der Herr in den Nebeln”(2009), “El bar de Nelly” (2010), “Apocalisis When?”(2012) and “Antares después de la luz”(2014). As a Scenographer, she worked with several emerging Chilean companies: La Letra Rota, Tres son Multitud, and the National Theater production “Aquí no se ha enterrado nada”(2013). Her design work for “Villa + Discurso”(2011) from the chilean director and dramaturg Guillermo Calderón, toured internationally. In 2016 she founded the art collective Goodwill to create performances based on a community donation, since then they presented their first performance in “The night market” in L.A, and the residency of collaborative art in Pichidangui, Chile. In 2017 she designed (scenographer) the New York production of Guillermo Calderón’s “Villa”. Currently, María is developing a piece called “The table game” a teleperformance of imaginary social change and revolution, to be played/performed simultaneously from two different communities in the world.

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