An acapella opera.
Scenic Design By Jihyun Theo Her
Music By Juliet Palmer
Libretto By Anna Chatterton
Directed By J. Bonnell
Music Direction By Tanner Pfeiffer
By William Shakespeare
Theoretical Model
Art direction By Jihyun Theo Her
-KB CARD - Hun.Min.Jeong.Eum
TV Commercial
Art direction By Jihyun Theo Her
AR installation art
Art Direction and Sculpture By Jihyun Theo Her

Jihyun Theo Her

Jihyun Theo Her is an international art director in film / TV and a stage designer working in a range of media.
Theo has won the first prize at 2016 LUMA Projection Arts for Wanderer (Animation, NY) in screenwriting and art directing and an AR installation, Island/Seom, which she was credited as an art director and a sculpture, was exhibited at SIGGARAPGH ASIA 2018 in Tokyo.

Theo’s selected credits include: 舌尖上的心跳 (TV Drama, China), So I Married an Anti-Fan (TV Drama, South Korea) and 惊天大逆转, Tik Tok (Film, China)

She also worked on a live performance for Crossroads of Youth at the Modern National Museum in Seoul as a creative director.

Theo Her received BFA in Industrial design
from Sookmyung Women’s University
and MFA in performance design from California Institute of the Arts.

Affiliation: CalArts