Antigone from Gahyae Ryu on Vimeo.

Antigone by Sophokles
Translated by Anne Carson
Directed by Natalia Lassalle
Scenic Design by María Fernanda Videla Urra
Costume Design by Xiyu Lin
Lighting Design by Peiyu Lai
Sound Design by Gahyae Ryu
Video Design by Kam Ying Lee

Peer/Gynt from Gahyae Ryu on Vimeo.

Peer/Gynt​ by Hendrik Ibsen
Directed & Adapted by Jonghee Woo
Translated by Scarlett Kim Scenic Design by Melanie Waingarten
Lighting Design by Alex Peck
Costume Design by Chardonnay Tobar
Sound Design by Gahyae Ryu
Video Design by Christopher Jungwoo Kim

Wanderer(2017) from Gahyae Ryu on Vimeo.

Directed and Animated by Narae Kim
Story and Art Direction by Jihyun Theodora Her
Music and Sound Design by Gahyae Ryu

Unrealized Message from Gahyae Ryu on Vimeo.

Unrealized Message
Graphic Design by Onyou Kim
Music and Sound Design by Gahyae Ryu

Islands / Seom from FaithJY on Vimeo.

Islands/Seom by Shih-lien Eugene Yen, Anna Grossman, Jeffrey Huang, Gahyae Ryu, Jungwoo Kim, Jihyun Her, Jinyoung Sung, Peiyu Lai, Jawon Kim

Gahyae Ryu

Gahyae is a sound designer who creates Aural Mediums to interact with the audience to inspire both listener and collaborator.

Gahyae was a composer and sound designer for an animation, “Wanderer” (2017) which won the Jury Award at Columbia Gorge International Film Festival and Award of Commendation at Canada Shorts Film Festival. Gahyae’s Aural Medium for Augmented Reality art installation “Islands/Seom” was exhibited at SIGGRAPH Asia Tokyo, INDIECADE Night Game, and DIG Slamdance.

Her selected sound design work includes: “Work Song” with Tsukaguchi Tomo,“Antigone” with Natalia Lassalle, “Hedda Gabler” with Jesse Bonnell, “Appropriate” with Damian Lewis, “Kiss” with Monty Cole, and “Peer/Gynt” with Jonghee Woo.

Gahyae holds her BM in Music Production and Technology from the Hartt School of Music, technical internship certificate in sound from Yale School of Drama and MFA in Sound Design at California Institute of the Arts.

Affiliation: CalArts