A World That Was
NYU Tisch Dance Department
Choreography: Valeria Gonzalez, Yasmin Schönmann, Colleen Barnes Merwin
Scenic Design: Maria Feuereisen
Lighting Design: Keegan Butler
Original Score: AriDy Nox & Jacinth Greywoode
Photo Credit: Ella Bromblin
Knot an Opera
Fresh Squeezed Opera
Stage Director: Michael Hofmann
Music Director: Whitney George
Scenic Design: Michael Minahan
Lighting Design: Jenn Burkhardt
Projection Design: Matthew Wasser
Photo Credit: Steven Pisano
Cunningham MinEvent
NYU Tisch Dance Department
Choreography: Merce Cunningham
Arrangement & Staging: Rashaun Mitchell
Lighting Design: Bailey Costa
Original Score: Jonathan Matthews
Photo Credit: Ella Bromblin
Three Days in the Country
NYU Tisch Graduate Acting Department
Director: Tazewell Thompson
Scenic Design: D’Vaughn Agu
Lighting Design: Rachel Fae Szymanskiv Sound Design: Frederick Kennedy
Photo Credit: Ella Bromblin

Corina Chase

Corina Chase designs costumes for theatre, opera, dance, and film. She currently resides in NYC, where she recently earned an MFA from NYU Tisch. Recent credits include Bound (dir. Ashley Tata) for Fresh Squeezed Opera, Three Days in the Country (dir. Tazewell Thompson) for NYU Tisch Graduate Acting, The Visitation (dir. Drew Gregory), an immersive performance staged in the Wyckoff Museum, and Providence, RI (dir. Skylar Fox) for Nightdrive, an innovative theatre company where she is the resident costume designer. She received a Weston Fine Arts Award from Brown University in 2013. Her costumes were featured in a production of Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights (dir. Abby Colella), which won a 2013 NY Innovative Theatre Award for an Outstanding Performance Art Piece, and her designs for Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play (dir. Connie Crawford) were nominated for Best Costume Design for a University Production in the 2016 Motif Theater Awards.

Affiliation: NYU