Try Me
Director: Linda Burns
Lighting and Scenic
Designer: Benjamin Wilson
Costume Designer: Edurne Fernandez
Sound Designer: Nathan Turczan
Choreographer: Julie Bour
Lighting Designer: Benjamin Wilson
Scenic Designer: Hester Krog
Sound Designer: Anna Grossman
Hedda Gabler
Director: Jesse Bonnell
Scenic Designer: Benjamin Wilson
Lighting Designer: Briana Pattillo
Sound Designer: Gahyae Ryu
Video Designer: Kathleen Fox
The Spectacular Society
Choreographer: Marissa Osato
Lighting Designer: Benjamin Wilson
Scenic Designer: Melanie Waingarten
Costume Designer: Edurne Fernandez
Director: Jesse Bonnell
Musical Director: Tanner Pfeiffer
Lighting Designer: Benjamin Wilson
Scenic Designer: Theo Her
Costume Designer: Sonya Berg
Sound Designer: Scott Goldfarb
Video Designer: Christopher Kim

Benjamin Wilson

Benjamin Wilson is a multi-disciplinary designer whose work includes Lighting Design for Architecture and Live Performance as well as Scenic Design for Performance.

Benjamin’s recent Architectural Lighting work includes the 2019 Russell Cole Memorial Lighting Design Competition and internships with Available Light and EXP.

Benjamin’s recent work in Live Performance includes “Solidus” dir. Julie Bour, “The Last One” dir. Gema Galiana, “Talking Like Rain” dir. James Franco / Debora Levine, “The Spectacular Society”, “Centre-Left” dir. Marissa Osato, “Hedda Gabler” , “SWEAT” dir. Jesse Bonnell, and “Try Me” dir. Linda Burns.

In design, ‘Why Here, Why Now’ drive Benjamin to shape work that reflects on today’s world.

Benjamin received a Master’s in Lighting Design from California Institute of the Arts and an Undergraduate Degree in Chemistry and Theater Arts from Boston College.

Ways to connect:

  My website
Affiliation: CalArts