Seagull_Trigorin's Dream from Anna Grossman on Vimeo.

“A discrepancy between reality and the ideal” The Seagull
By Anton Chekhov
Directed by: Michael Alvarez
Set Design: Song Yi Park
Lighting Design: Pei Yu Lai
Costume Design: Yuan Yuan Liang

Mr. Crow_A Call from Anna Grossman on Vimeo.

“A grown man journeys into a memory of a young man’s suicide” Mr. Crow
Conceived & Directed by: Changting Lu
Set Design: Sirun Bakrajian
Lighting Design: Josephine Wang
Costume Design: Xiyu Lin
Video Design: Yikai Wu

Solidus_Love Story from Anna Grossman on Vimeo.

"The journey of a sailor across the ocean. The journey of a daughter through grief." Terra Incognita
Lead Artist: Ilana Kirschbaum
Programmer: Rose Malone
Composer: Cassidy Swanson
Installation Ambisonics: Martin Velez
Installation Video Design: Shay Willard & Ilana Kirschbaum
Installation Lighting Design: Jesse Fryery

Solidus_Love Story from Anna Grossman on Vimeo.

“We are not ourselves. We contradict and reconcile the whole. ”
Choreographed by: Julie Bour
Set Design: Hester Krog
Lighting Design: Ben Wilson

Islands_Promo from Anna Grossman on Vimeo.

"We manifest, collide, and change with others"
Lead Artist: Shih-Lien Eugene Yen
Programming: Anna Libbie Grossman, Jeffrey Huang
Sound Design: Gahyae Ryu
Scenic Design: Jihyun Her
Lighting Design: Pei Yu Lai
Video Design: Jungwoo Kim

Anna Libbie Grossman

Anna Libbie Grossman: Sound Designer for immersive/ interactive environments, VR/AR, Gaming, Experience Design, Live Performance.

As Sound Supervising Editor on “Terra Incognita”, VR Installation created by Ilana Kirschbaum, Anna incorporated object-based 3D mixing in both VR and exhibition space. As co-lead programmer, Anna handled sound integration, device communication, and gameplay mechanics on “Islands/Seom,” an AR installation of digital encounters and world-simulation with showings at: DIG Slamdance, Indiecade Night Games, and SIGGRAPH Asia Tokyo. In Julie Bour’s “Solidus” Anna used contact mics to create a musical interface for the dancers to become instruments in the score.

Anna assisted Leon Rothenberg on Inkstories’ “Hero” (2018 Tribeca Storyscapes Award, Official Selection 2018 Sundance Festival), VR installation published by Starbreeze Studios placing participants at the center of a civilian air raid in Syria. Anna assisted Jon Gottlieb at the Pasadena Playhouse and worked as associate to Jonathan Burke at the Rubicon Theatre.

Affiliation: CalArts